Desiccants, accelerators and hardeners are used in addition to main substances for production of varnish and painting products.

Desiccants are combination of metals with organic acids.

Carboxylic acids, i.e. naphthenic, aromatic tall oil fatty acids and octanoic acids are used for production of desiccants.

“KARVAN-L” company uses ecologically clean natural petroleum distilled naphthenic acids (DNA), threshold limit value (TLV) of which is 40 times more than of actinic acids.

“KARVAN-L” company produces the following desiccants-naphthenes:

Dimethylation Naphthenate Mn Pb is prepared on the basis of special formula allowing to keep stable colour of desiccants. The following actual expendable norms passed the industrial testing on PF-060 and PF-053 varnish based enamels PF-127, PF-268, PF-115. The percentage ratio of chemical is as follows: Co 0.0125, Ca 0.0160, Zr 0.075, Zr0.031,Pb 0.015,Mn0.04.

Metals with several common oxidation states as cobalt, calcium, zinc, zircon, manganese, lead are used in desiccant production. Each of these metals has different catalytic activity and has its own application, in particular: cobalt desiccant is most effective and can give good results, but usually it is used together with Mn, Ca, Pb.

Calcium accelerates drying at low temperature, also eliminates turbidity and irregularity of film.

Zinc decreases initial speed of surface drying, but accelerates overall drying. Zinc results in greater hardness of final film. Zircon is used in desiccants of titrimetric effect as replacement of lead and is less toxic, used in combination with Co, Mn, Zn.

Manganese is a main desiccant after lead and cobalt and is the most important. It dries not only surface, but also depth of film. It is used together with Pb and Co, thus increasing hardness and transparency of the film. It is not used separately, because the film might become rough and friable.

At the moment lead desiccants are required to be replaced due to high toxicity (lead has the lowest threshold limit value (TLV) in comparison with other: Co, Mn, Al, Zn 0.15; 0.3; 0.5; 2.0; 5.0 mg/m’ respectively). Preparation of Co, Mn, Zn, Ca, Zr based desiccants and natural ecologically clean distilled naphthenic acids are suggested as a way of elimination of the given problem.

Efficiency of single-methylate desicants is not high. Varnishing and painting industry uses polymethylate desiccants, .e. desiccants with a number of metals, Two, three and four-methylate are produced for convenience. They incorporate positive features of each metal being part of desiccant and increases drying, drying time, hardness of film.

Correct selection of composition of Co, Mn, Zn, Ca, Zr desiccants makes polymethylate desiccants competitive enough in comparison with single methylane desiccants, allows to increase color retention of pigmentation systems, which is especially important for bright white and pastel shades, improves hardness and glance, support stability of catalyst features of metals, reduce their pigment adsorption. Advantage of compositions with Ca and Zn is indisputable, hey ensure stability of desiccant concentrations, high pigment dispersion id considerably increase activity of main desiccants, do not change viscosity of ending and pigmented systems, prevent lifting of quite thick coating layers, utilization of distilled naphthenic acid based polymethylate desiccants enabled to duce binding desiccant concentration 5 2 times in comparison with other desiccants prepared on aromatic and fatty ids. By using desiccants of “KARVAN-L”’ company in preparation of varnishing d painting products, you will receive products with highest quality of whiteness, brightness, film hardness and be able to reduce losses associated with expendable rms. Expendable norm depends on used varnish, therefore we approach each consumer individually during selection of desiccant addition formulas. As a result of utilization of desiccants of “KARVAN-L” company prepared as per advanced technology, you will gain the following:

-desiccants of “KARVAN-L” company allows you to obtain good quality lacquer coat with better hardness n desiccants of other manufacturers, at

same time the amount of metals used preparation of paint is 1,5 2 times less;

-desiccants of “KARVAN-L” company do not tinge lacquer coat;

-desiccants of “KARVAN-L” company have lower minimum concentration value;

-desiccants of “KARVAN-L” company increase coating glance and film hardness.

The naming Account norm on metal, % Concentraltion, %
Co naphtenate 0,02-0.1 2-6
Ca naphtenate 0.1-0.25 4
Zn naphtenate 0.1-0.15 8-12
Zr naphtenate 0.1-0.6 5
Pb naphtenate 0.3-1.0 10-33
Mn naphtenate 0.02-0.1 2-6
The naming Account norm of a ready drier on 1 th of an enamel, % Concentraltion, %
Naphtenate of three metals Co Ca Pb 2-2.5 Co-1
Naphtenate of three metals Co Mn Pb 2-2.5 Co-1
Naphtenate of three metals Mn Pb 3-4 Mn-1.0
Naphtenate of three metals Co Zn Pb 2-2.5 Co-1